During the last years I have visited several places and It sometimes took me much time to discover good food, restaurants, to make the difference between good/bad neighborhoods, as well as to acquire the necessary tips and tricks that make life so much easier. I share some of them below that revealed the most useful to me.


Tatte (on 3rd and Broadway) as well as Flour on Mass are a must for sandwiches and healthy food.


The quinoa bowl from Plein air cafe is delicious. You can ask them to add chicken on top of it which I would recommend since this makes the bowl more substantial.

A whole food market recently opened at the end of Hyde Park Blvd.

Downtown, in the loop, for all the europeans that are missing pastries, I recommend Le pain quotidien.


Le pain quotidien, rue du bac

New York

I recommend Exki on Park

For brunch I recommend “MidWinter Kitchen” on 2nd Avenue, “Vin et Fleur” in SoHo/the Village, “Friend of a farmer” around Union square.

For dinner, you can go to Ruby’s in Soho/Nolita

If you are near Washington square Park and are looking for bread, BREADS is a nice address. And you definitely want to try their chocolate babka (thanks Joan)

International phone

Everyone knows how painful it can be to switch plans when changing/moving from one country to another. I have been looking for a solution to this issue for a few years now and someone told me about the google phone plan.

Google Keep, google note,…

A few hints on TeXworks

Typing a document in lateX can be cumbersome, especially because of the various commands for equations, figures, and other environments which, it has to be said really make the document look nice. Suffering isn’t however required to get to that result and it is possible with the TeXworks editor to enable autocompletion of those environments or to define shortcuts for them.